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South York Records was founded in 2007 by Raishem (pronounced Ray-Shem) L. Nobles aka Mr. Universe. The Founder and C.E.O. was born in Queens, N.Y., raised on Staten Island in the Parkhill Apartments where he moved at 1 years old. This is where his family would prosper, running the management and maintenance of the Parkhill Apartments for 20 years; 80's to 2003. His father was even the First Multi-Racial owner of a store in the plaza, where a Home Depot sits now.  His parents both were born in Fayetteville N.C., so the name South York represents his heritage and roots. This Record Label was built with the express purpose of finding the most talented artist and giving them an opportunity to realize their full potential. The vision is everything in house from Audio to Video production fostering a Home for Artist, to stay creatively free of bureaucracy. 

Raishem L. Nobles

Raishem L. Nobles

Mr. Universe aka Lamech

Mr. Universe aka Lamech

The Intro... Directed, Written, Edited by Mr. Universe.

First track off of Mr. Universe Mixtape. 

To purchase song go to Mr. Universe page and stroll down./track/1321942/intro

This is and Urban Legend originating on Staten Island, NY. Rumors has it, that the footage of Grandma, was found behind the bathroom mirror of an apartment in Parkhill. The family who occupied the apartment went missing in 2008. The investigation was discontinued and it was said occult materials and ancient artifacts were removed by the CIA. A new family moved in the apartment in 2012 and kept hearing loud disturbing noises in the apartment. When it was reported to management, maintenance came in and removed a large section of the master bedroom wall were they discovered a small mutated skeleton holding a old wooden box. In which Nobles Network obtained for an undisclosed sum. We used Raw Footage of Grandma and her pets and did a complete reinactment of the footage, but not the other ritualistic practices found on the original footage. Grandma's Pet's the movie coming soon !!!

For further information about this story please contact

Song : Grandma's Pet's Artist: J. Smith, Mr. Universe

Directed/Edited by : Raishen L. Nobles of Nobles Network

Camera Operators : Raishen L. Nobles and Charles W. Lyons

Make up and Costumes by Kayon S. Findley-Nobles

This was an Event for the Community !!!!!


2017 Basketball Shootout NYC S.I. - Sponsored by Alex J. Great

Lopez Playground P.S. 57 Parkhill Avenue...

Artist : Mr. Universe

Song: Give it to Um

Track available at Video :

Shot, Directed and Edited by Raishem L. Nobles


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