Sandy Ground Historical Society

1538 Woodrow Road

(between Lynbrook and Dexter Avenues) Staten Island, N.Y. 10309


Directed / filmed and edited by Raishen L. Nobles of Nobles Network.

Music by Raishen L. Nobles

Special Thanks: Ms. Sylvia D'Alessandro, she gave me the tour of this historical site.

This is an Urban Legend originating on Staten Island, NY.

Rumor has it, that the footage of Grandma, was found behind the bathroom mirror of an apartment in Parkhill. The family who occupied the apartment went missing in 2008. The investigation was discontinued, and it was said occult materials and ancient artifacts were removed by the CIA. A new family moved in the apartment in 2012 and kept hearing loud disturbing noises in the apartment. When it was reported to management, maintenance came in and removed a large section of the master bedroom wall where they discovered a small, mutated skeleton holding an old wooden box. In which Nobles Network obtained for an undisclosed sum. We used Raw Footage of Grandma and her pets and did a complete reenactment of the footage, but not the other ritualistic practices found on the original footage. Grandma's Pet's the movie coming soon !!!

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Song : Grandma's Pet's

Artist: J. Smith, Mr. Universe

Directed/Shot/Edited by : Raishen L. Nobles of Nobles Network

Camera Operators : Raishen L. Nobles and Charles W. Lyons

Make up and Costumes by Kayon S. Findley-Nobles

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Artist : Wond3r

Song : Come Correct

Directed by : Weez World Filmz

Animation/SFX/Editing : Raishen L. Nobles of Nobles Network

MC's by order Black, Hollywood, Fyre, Red.

" Straight from the slums of Shaolin "... This track has 4 of the Hottest Upcoming MC's from Staten Island - (Cyanide City). They represent I Just Wanna Be Heard. Clicked up as Back Block Bosses. These artist are diverse and unique, and this is just the beginning. In this song Flux, they are displaying there swag and rap fortitude. Taking it back to the future with No Hook. Just powerful vocal and lyrical performances.

Flux - Continuous Change, passage or movement.

Artist : Black N Red.. Feat. Fyre N Hollywood

Label : I Just Wanna Be Heard

Producer : Raishen L. Nobles

Directed by : Raishen L. Nobles

Co Director : Black

Edited and SFX by : Raishen L. Nobles