Unbelyrical The Guide, is a book I wrote to serve as a Catalyst.

I am a  Grand Master Lyricist. I have written over 100 songs with different concepts.

I have also Composed over 100 beats for the composition of the creative cloud.

This manuscript is over 200 pages of tricks, and technique's.

Constructed to compliment talent and coordinate curiosity in culture.

Practice breeds Perfection !

A must have for all aspiring to perfect their craft,

In the Art of Hip Hop and Creative Writing......

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Unbelyrical The Ultimate Guide to Writing Hip Hop.

It's filled with Cognitive Tricks and Technique's to enhance or improve your Lyrical Capability.

PDF... Over 200 Pages, if you want the physical copy go to ebay type in Unbelyricaltheguide.

Written by Raishen L. Nobles

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Unbelyrical Ep.

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